What is "Lesser" Golf?

Lesser golf is what we play.

Urban golf is the umbrella form for any sort of golf that is played within the urban environment.  There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of different styles of urban golf.  In the same way that there is hockey there is ice hockey and field hockey.  Game rules for urban golf are created by people in their own cities, leading to different games but all fall under the umbrella of urban golf.

Lesser golf tries to infuse elements of environmental consciousness and community building into the game of urban golf.  Lesser golf is meant to be played in a manner that diverges from contemporary golf culture to show that a club, a ball and friends is all you need to play.  Why would we need to wash our balls halfway through a game?  Why would we need anything made of Titanium, Carbon Fibre and some space-age resin?  Why so much energy and resources embedded per square area of play area?

Lesser golf has organically become a method to teach grass-root civics engagement.  Play is often used in this way: the Jewish dreidel’s letters are symbols that teach of Jewish ideals and culture; the Chinese game GO! was created for an Emperor who wanted to learn and practice war strategy through a board game.

We feel that less trappings of golf means more emphasis on fun, enjoyment of friends and both drawing and infusing value from the places and spaces where lesser golf is played.

Our game is set up to be played with less:

– Less overall waste or need for material things (DO NOT GO OUT AND SPEND TIME BUYING NEW GOLF GEAR: it’s gonna get smashed up and everyone has got old clubs kicking around if you look hard enough; the Salvation Army has got tonnes. If you want to take it back to its roots you can play with a tree branch if you want.  Consider playing naked for maximizing minimizing).

– Less money (beyond the cost of second-hand clubs from a second hand storeand some tennis balls anything else you spend is up to you but not necessary).

– Less water (no golf course to water)

– Less prep time (grab and go; no tee times, no need to travel or booking).

– Less energy (The first T can be in your front yard if you want.  Then all the energy you need comes from (ethical) food; there is no ground-keeping specific energy in the game as it a functionally second use for the area: roads are made for cars and we instead us it for golf).

The golden rules of the are meant to promote community mindedness:

1) Have Respect: this is meant to promote community mindedness in that it forces swingers to consider there actions relative to public and private property and spaces.  It is meant to ensure that altercations or needless negative conflict comes from our past-time.

2) Everybody sucks: This has come to promote inclusion.  Many people use the fact that they “suck” at something as a use not to try.  If someone says they will suck at urban golf then good it means that they should be playing.  By drawing people into the game through a paradoxical inclusionary element it opens the door to other, deeper and more important lessons that may be gleaned through play.

3) Don’t be a control freak: In life one cannot control what comes at them.  It is best to focus on personal well-being, happiness and friends.  By being a control freak you are in many ways in violation of the first rule, the most important rule of respect, and stepping on the ability of others to enjoy themselves as they see fit.  Again it is meant to reinforce fundamentals of consensus and team play under shifting contexts.

We feel that the game of lesser golf shows that less is more.


2 Responses to “What is "Lesser" Golf?”

  1. Listen, I gots one major beef with this. Ok? Anyway, it sounds like THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT YOUR DADDY’S GAME>>> But the major beef I have with this comment is how off topic it is. Does this game have anything to do with Tiger Woods?

  2. Well actually if my Dad wanted to play it would be my daddy’s game, I guess. I encourage everyone to play and get to know the ins and out of their city.
    No nothing to do with Tiger Wood’s.

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