Urban Golf

Greater Halifax Lesser Golf is URBAN GOLF; which is about seeing your city and chilling with friends.  It ain’t about winning; it’s not about carbon carbide shafts and million dollar skin games on green grass in the middle of deserts.  It’s about living in your city in a new way; relating to it in a new way and loving it in a new way.  Our only rule (there are three golden rules but really there is only one rule in life and it is: RESPECT).

Here are some links to Media regarding Urban Golf… but you really should just go play.

  • Good.IS – Short flick about Urban Golf on Good.is
  • Urban Golf on Wiki – Have you considered sponsoring Wiki?  Me too.
  • Urban Golf on Conservapedia – Urban golf without all that liberal bias
  • Official Urban Golf – Official… super.  I think it is golf video game played by urban stereotypes. “Guerilla golf”… how official.
  • Pruned passage on Urban Golfing – Refers to urban golfing as “urban hacking” as a part of a novel approach to cities that “tend to be modest in scale and budget, opportunistic and informal, communal and participatory”.
  • Dinosaur Jr Video by Spike Jonze that is all about urban golf; but in music video sort of way…
  • In STUFF Magazine… something to shoot for I guess.

For those more etiologically inclined:

That is enough… get stoked.  Go play.  It is fun alone; it is best with friends so call them.

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