Keep the game moving.

You should’t be standing around too, too much.  These games take a lot longer than you might think so it is not a big deal if multiple people hit the balls at once.

Hit your ball, mark your ball then chill.

If you wait to catch up to your ball as you walk you may very well lose it (especially during night play).  Find it, mark it with your club or bag or whatever then rejoin your crew.

Keep the group to 10 players or less.

Large groups become hard to manage and slow down the progress of the game. They also attract more negative attention.  Staggering groups if they get too big it fine.  From my experience 5 is ideal and make for some pretty funny dynamics.

Try to keep your ball low to the ground.

High flying balls get lost more easily.  I really can’t stress this enough.  Also if you are playing on pavement you get a lot more distance from a roll than through the air if you keep a low angle on the ball relative to the ground.

A golf bag with wheels is very handy.

Trying to swing a club while wearing a backpack full of balls, flashlights and munchies is a bit cumbersome.  We are currently experimenting with tubes, tape and an integrated backpack sort of idea… see what happens there.

A bag that hangs over your shoulder is all you need.

This might be an issue of terrain (we play in a city through parks and over obstacles) but I don’t think you should ever need that many clubs have to worry about a bag if you decide to hit a pit stop (read: bar or pub) on the go.

Try to limit lost ball searches to 10 minutes.

Helps to keep the game moving.  Limits the freaking out of people who are wondering why people with metal sticks are looking under their cars and patios.

Don’t Kick Gingers Ever: Not just during this game

Fug…don’t people see that it is a  abuse of the worst kind?


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