Urban Golf Equipment: Less is more

What you swing in not as important as how you swing it.  If you are happy with the leg of an old piano and think you can play fast enough to not make the game lag behind (making the game suck for your crew)then more power to you.  So we suggest you either use clubs or tree branches; hockey sticks are acceptable but kinda take the fun out of the game (screw you Happy Gilmour) and are at a serious disadvantage in terms of game play. These are suggestions of what equipment I take with me:


First of all don’t go out and buy new ones.  See which one of your friends have one’s they don’t need or head down to the Salvation Army (go to them over Value Villages because of the role that Sally Ann’s plays in the community).  If you play on streets some of my crew likes woods but they don’t last as long as irons.  I suggest you don’t use drivers (1 wood) but instead like a 3 or 5 wood.  If you have to play off of snow then low number irons work pretty well. Finesse is not a big deal to the enjoyment of the game.

If  you are going to choose woods: some people say old clubs with wood heads are the most fun because they splinter and chip with use, and the metal plates on the bottom sometimes spark when they hit the pavement… it looks good.

Update: I have moved to using only a 5 Iron.  A 9 is good too but I think you could do fine with just a 5.  With a strap your hands are free for other things like double fisting.

These are roughly the era of club you are looking for. Woods made of plastic are good too. In second hand stores these things are hella cheap and easily found.

Tennis Balls

Bring at least 3 per player. New balls fly, bounce, and roll better than old ones. If you can afford about 75¢ for each one you lose, great. If not, hit up tennis instructors for their old balls, like we have.   Super hard up and Pro in sight? Hit the dollar store… (we have discovered that these are of poor quality and not worth subsidizing the impeding East-West war) I was able to find my first lot of balls just laying around the house.  After that I seemed to find them everywhere I went on the streets.  Just make sure they are abandoned balls.  Stealing kids’ toys automatically makes you a jerk.

Unless you are living under a rock you know what these are. No one knows why they are in a jug.

Also those plastic practice balls suck: you can’t actually golf with them and they are only good in parks which you should not be golfing in anyway.  There has been some talk that if you are using those you are probably a poser…

Sharpie Marker

Mark your ball so you know it’s yours. Duh. And when it comes to markers, Sharpie is the best.   There is talk about glow in the dark paint.  There is also a lot of talk about an effective climate change deal… both I am sure will happen eventually. Neither before the end of this week (take that COP15).

Do not sniff.

Scorecard and Pencil

This is pretty obvious. And if you’re too lazy to make your own, we’ve made an official Urban Golf scorecard for you. *


For night games, which are our favorite kind. Bring more than one flashlight. Chances are a few of your players will be searching for their balls at the same time.   This is a pretty important part and really speeds up the game.  In the snow it is incredible how much of a difference it makes.  I CAN”T STRESS THE IMPORTANCE OF FLASHLIGHTS FOR SPEEDING UP THE GAME AND NOT LOSING BALLS.

Munchies and Drinks

You know how it is.

And please, kids, DON’T LITTER!  In fact pick up litter if you want to make yourself useful.


*You think you are lazy? We just linked you to someone else’s site because… well why reinvent the wheel… plus we would have to like upload stuff.

Update (January 16)

Suggestions to get the most out of the game

There are a few things more in terms of equipment that I would like to mention.  The first is I am increasingly convinced that you could probably play this game with just a high-mid to mid-number iron (I am loving my 5 right now; the 7 also works well but it gets a little too much air on the ball resulting in balls going AWOL).  The irons are versatile on the pavement and the snow and only having one club really makes a difference.   I imagine if you were working it in an area that was all paved it might make sense to use woods all the time but with the snow the ball sinks and you need to get under it.

Marking your ball

I can’t stress the importance of marking your ball.  After a while they all look the same (especially if you are playing through puddles).   It helps cut down on decision time in a big way.

Additional equipment: Bag

Something to hold your clubs.  I have created something out of an old laundry bag that carries my clubs and extra balls with no hassle.  It also helps in not losing track of your clubs too.  Losing clubs is the only real thing that one has to look out for that could really cut into future games.

Don’t use a real golf bag.  They get tiring to carry if you are really exploring the city…which you should be.

Things to write with or to email/2.0 people

We have met an incredible number of people while UGing that want to join in.  So we have started emailing them on site from my Black Berry.  We are committed to getting this urban golf thing moving so getting people engaged remains super important.


Remember that time Cheney went hunting with his lawyer...

One thing that I have learned already is you see fuggin’ crazy ish when you go out golfing.  If you d0n’t have a camera you are probably going to miss some pretty fun, funny and interesting things that are good for memories but also good for highlighting your city.  I am lucky enough to roll with a lot of photographers so we may be lucky enough to have nice looking pics on this site.  Which is good because the writing stinks.


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