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If you want to come play urban golf, talk ideas or mack on BB (sorry ladies he’s taken) please add us to twitter at:

twitter/HFXUrbanGolf     [@HFXUrbanGolf]

if you are going to # us on twitter use:  #HFXurbangolf

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5 Responses to “Connect with us”

  1. Sean Williams Says:

    Great article in today’s Herald. I never knew this existed. I’d love to play. I have good clubs, so I’d have to find ‘old’ ones (left handed). When’s your next round?


    • We will be hitnround tomorrow afternoon and a couple times next week. Are you on twitter? It is the best way to stay up on what we do:

      Otherwise I will make sure myself or BB emails you to let you know. I guess I will start a FACEBOOK group too.


  2. Taylor Doucette Says:

    hello my name is Taylor Doucette i am 13 years old and live in halifax. I read about this blog in the news paper today and wanted to tell you something. about 2 years ago when i was 11 me and my friend decided to play golf in the middle of dartmouth. we did this many times and very often until i moved. My question is this does that make us one of the founders?? and if you need any help i can help just so you know. so can you please email me to tell me the answer to my question because if this becomes big someday i want me and my friend to be known lol. Thanks Taylor Doucette 13

  3. Ian McNeil Says:

    The Herald article leaves me to wonder if it would be possible to play a rural variation here in the hinterland of East Lake Ainslie, Cape Breton. Could the frozen lake itself be used for play? And would coyotes be considered a hazard? Golf on!

    • Hi Ian:
      I definitely think that you could. One of our Founders, Zippie, is from northern, northern Labrador and she intends to play it on ice flows when she gets home. All you need is a club, a few balls and a few friends.

      I would say coyotes should always be considered as hazards.

      Feel free to join us if you ever get to Halifax.



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