OGs and Founders

OGs – Original Golfers

We are the creators of Lesser Golf (known in some places as “Halifax style”)


Beau “BBRoskeworth” Cleeton


Here are our beloved early adapters who helped (read: were harassed by Pelley) to help spread the game.  We have been pretty lucky to meet really neat people on the links.  Diverse backgrounds, different perspectives on the city but each with some neat tidbit of information or stories to tell of the the streets we hitround on.

Dan “The Risk” Mattison

Katie “Fodder” Fotheringham – Founder Toronto; London, England

Fabien “Cuts” Bergeron aka Baby Fat

Rebbecca Reid

Seb “Magic” Harder

Greig “GO!” Oldford

Charlene “@Cr8tiveCandy” Boyce

Chantelle “Blaze” Blais

Benjamin Fong

Josh “@Gravista” Smith

Lauren “@laurenoostveen” Oostveen

Paul “Spiffy” Cardona

Ryan “Real Deal” O’Hearn – Founder Vancouver

Real Deal (Left), Serge “Big Dipper” Dipenta (Right) – Vancouver

Scott “The Wiz” Harrison – Vancouver (also Co-Founder of the Baseball/Rock skipping hybrid sport of “Rock Bat”

Joc “Pay Day” Hynes

Zippie!!! (Serious grass bag: 1st type; and easily the most respectable Founder)


Chris “Tops” Feven

Ryan “Sunclutch” Wilson


Jason “Scribbles” Teakle


These are the people who came out after we started getting press, no less loved just a little later on the uptake…

Brad Fraser

And the list grows… we just need to get permission and pics worked out for the rest.



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