This page is us to post the definitions for jargon that we might use on the site:

duff (v) – 1. to mess up a first shot but with the opportunity to strike it again while it is on the roll at no stroke penalty

duff rule (n) – the rule that allows a swinger to hit a ball a second time, with no stroke penalty, provided it is still in motion.

goinaff (v.) – 1. playing really well; having a  hot streak

grassbag (n.) – 1. a person who plays traditional golf; 2. an urban golfer with chronically red eyes

hitnround (v) – 1. the act of lesser golfing (present tense); hitround (past tense)

keeping six (v) – 1. keeping an eye out for an obstruction (police, oncoming cars, people, etc.) for another person who is shooting.

scoping (v.) – 1. a type of people watching when you are not shooting

swinging crew (n.) – 1. a general name of any urban golf crew; 2. the people your parents hung out with in the 70’s during that period “don’t want to talk about or revisit”: “crew” may be used

swinger (n.) – 1. an urban golfer


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