The Sexiest Game in Brazil…

…is beach volleyball.  Seriously. If you’ve been there you know the guys look like well toned bronze statues and the women are divine mix of honey and hot sauce.

But they DO play urban golf there.

WEST COAST GOLF is the organization based out of Brazil, I am not sure why they call themselves West Coast as the only coast that Brazil does not have is a WEST COAST.  Anyway, I am not gonna front.

They definitely have the gamed a tonne more formalized than us with signage, flags, and t-shirts.  They also use an array of clubs and those specialty urban golf balls that I think take away from the impromptu nature of the Lesser Golf strain that we play in Halifax.

What I really enjoyed, in addition to lots of videos was their top ten reasons that they played. Which I have translated terribly from Portugeuse and are not too different than the reasons we go out:

01. Freedom

Sports usual have limits in term of their playing fields. The only limits to urban golf is the players’ themselves.

You chose your course.  Explore your city!

02. Improvisation

Because the urban golf is improvised there are new challenges to any round.  The challenges persist: the wind, the slope, the sidewalk, the lay of the holes. Players needs to know to play and try to overcome the obstacles of the terrain.

03. Cityscapes

Parks, fields, lawns, sidewalks, asphalt, slopes, mouths-of-wolf, buildings, houses. These are the aspects that make up the urban environment of any city. Respect, learn and use them all.  Explore your city.  Learning about your city is perhaps the best part of urban golf!

04. Unlimited number of players

The game can be practiced individually, in pairs, trios, in groups of up to 10 people, in groups of up to 50 people in groups over 50 people. Whatever. Actually, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you play!

05. Absence of age restrictions

There are no age restrictions and people of any age can play.  The only rule is that the games run smoothly.

06. Looking for lost balls

Well,  we anticipated that this would be the part which nobody likes.  It’s very fun while you’re striking the balls but looking for them can be fun too!  They tend to bounce to strange places, often places you would not normally notice…

07. Soundtrack

Do not forget to bring music with you when you play.  With the aid of any mp3 player, we make our own soundtracks to play Urban Golf.  It makes us more hungry to play.

08. Making friends

Seek to play with many different people. Try and meet new players.This is the spirit of the sport is to make friends and have fun playing together.

09. Physical exercise

You walk a lot in the course of a game.  It is fun because you are with friends but prepare yourself!

10. The improbability of hitting a hole in one.

But it is nice to dream.

More than anything I notice the common threads in urban golf the world over: the commitment to a positive experience, enjoying your city and exploring her, and making friends.

I hope to be hitting the links in Brazil in the not too distant future, I got a lot of friends there and what is not to love?

Here are a few videos from the WEST COAST site including coverage they got from MTV.  I hope you enjoy them!

Check out the lay of their city, the art and the architectural concepts expressed in the buildings.  Amazing.

This video apparently tells you a little about the game.

This site is super polished as far as they go.  I really enjoyed struggling through the History and Culture section of the blog.  Give it a try!



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