We missed you! (Surprising since some of us are pretty good shots…)

Shit was getting too intense.  So I took off.

But I took my clubs: To the Olympics, NYC, Burlington, Montreal, Toronto, Boston … and so forth.  The biggest cities, small towns, country roads and even an entire abandoned neighbourhood that like anything it died in the shade (in this case of an underpass) and like many types of communities in the name of progress…

But I kept golfing with many of the OG’s and Founders of the Halifax Urban Golf (technically called “Lesser Golf” but it’s alright do what you want: we ain’t got no beef).

Since the last post on February 12th I have probably played 75 rounds in 10 cities in North America (lots of other people have been rocking it here in Hali), got a lot of love, a shit load of lovin’ and met a tonne of people from every walk of life.  So after about 60K km of travel, about 150 different golfing friends and tonnes of trouble from clubbing it is time to get the balls rolling again.

From here on in I will be getting the blog back on the go with lots of updates talk about how the game has evolved (or was it intelligently designed?)…

It’s good to see you back.  Let’s get swinging



One Response to “We missed you! (Surprising since some of us are pretty good shots…)”

  1. Hey, we are doing a blog entry about you guys and the west coast brazil urbangolfers. Check out our site. We are having a tour this spring. Would love to have you guys join.

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