Coast Photographer Riley Smith’s Urban Golf Experience

In addition to the great pic in The Coast’s posting yesterday Riley Smith (Coast photographer and Free lance reporter) came out and shot us for quite a long time last week.

We were stoked as his work is some of the best that the Coast has published (his portfolio may be found here):

He posted a few more pics from that day on his blog that we wanted to share:

Urban Golf

Editorial photography has to be one of my favorite things to do. You just never know who, or what, it is that you will be covering next . On one of my recent assignments I had the fortune of photographing Urban Golf.

Now as a guy who grew up skateboarding, I can sympathize with theperils of takin it to the street.

I certainly wouldn’t equate Halifax Urban Golf with the stereotypical golf experiece
These guys have real Street cred, and why pay green fees when you can hit the crete for free.
Please checkout and follow Riley’s new blog at:
Thanks for coming out with us Riley and we look forward to having you out again with us soon.
Respect: P.

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