An Apology from Sigma Chi, and Pics from Super Bowl Sunday’s Hitround

People take time off from the Super Bowl to cheer on the Lesser Golfers

Sometimes it takes the actions of one to give a bad name to many.  It is one the primary motivations for pushing the importance of the first (respect) rule of lesser golf on any new swingers: act with respect and within a paradigm of community mindedness and no one will fuck up urban golf for the rest of us.  One group that has become victim of one of its members (who acting on his own and, as it turns out against the wishes of his crew) phoned the cops on us from the Sigma Chi, Gamma Rho chapter.

As the result of my blog posting entitled: A Sunday Afternoon Game Before Heading to the Olympics in which I took to task because on of the brothers from Sigma Chi had telephoned the cops on us and in juvenile manner and untruthfully accused us of “hitting rocks at cars”.  This was hella whack.  However, I do not feel that this was representative of the entire group.  Especially after I received the following apology from the Chapter’s President (excerpts):

I would first of all like to apologize for the cops being called – I realize they were fine with what you did, but they still shouldn’t have been notified over something like this. It was the actions of one brother who got a little too carried away with the situation, not several or all of us, and I would like to say sorry for it happening. The car the jacket was put on belonged to one of the brothers, not his mom (not sure why that matters anyway), and I think it was fair of him to ask for it to be taken off. If it wasn’t asked politely, again I’d like to apologize, because I didn’t hear this incident and am going off what I have been told.

I would say the way he asked to remove the jacket in the manner it was done would be best described as “pulsatingly dickish” and really was uncalled for.  For this reason I will not remove the or edit the posting at this time; though I will offer the opportunity for Sigm Chi to win the removal of the posting in question.


We at Halifax Urban Golf apologizes for saying and recognizes that Sigma Chi does not engage in paddling its brothers.

I did want to explain why some of us didn’t want you guys “teeing up” in front of our house, because it wasn’t because we were bored with “homoerotic paddling” or “macking on underaged girls” – neither of which we do. The concern I had with what happened Sunday was how it might reflect poorly on Sigma Chi if a side-mirror or car window were broken while you were playing directly in front of our house. I haven’t seen Urban Golf before, so I don’t have any clue if you can even hit a tennis ball hard enough off a club to break a window, but I think our concern about that potentially looking bad on us was and is a legitimate one.

I was basing the “paddling” part on heresay, and perhaps I was in the wrong.  Admittedly, the “macking on underaged girls” part was a bit reactionary and I would like to retract that statement and offer a full apology: that statement was baseless and largely uncalled for.

Our group of guys is very involved with the HRM community, and we do a lot of philanthropy work and volunteering with the IWK and Children’s Wish Foundation. We work very hard to establish good relations with our neighbors, and really we were just concerned with how people might assume it was the typical “frat boys” playing golf outside our house.

This is a fact: Sigma Chi and other fraternities in our community have gone a long way in the past decade to clean up their act and be a positive force.  I can’t front on that.  The have raided $10,ooo’s for IWK and other groups within the city and for that reason I accepted the apology and offered one in return for my harsh words.

Again, I’d like to apologize for the way things were handled. I sincerely hope this doesn’t affect the way you guys view fraternities in general (I know you wrote in the blog that it doesn’t, but who knows if that is true for everyone who was in the group), because they do a lot of amazing work in the communities they are in.

Apology accepted; and I do agree you do serve your community.  For this reason, and this reason only, I offer the chance for Sigma Chi to have the blog posting in question removed (and possibly some of this post) by collaborating with the Halifax Urban Golfers to use our game as a fundraiser for urban beautification and some other charity (which will agree to).  You would have to challenge other Frats in the city also to participate.  I consider this gauntlet to be thrown.  What say you friends?

I figured since the Coast will be running our story today I would include a bunch of photos from our Super Bowl Sunday golf game (which included tonnes of game and no Super Bowl) to give people a little flavour of what we do.

@laurenOstveen shows us her first shot at ball design at the Coburg Cafe

Ball design is becoming a larger part of the game and we will probably turn this element of the game into something gives you free strokes or some sort of drinking game.  Some of the designs are good enough that as soon as I figure out a way to photograph round balls I will do a post on it… or not whatever happens does.

Gravista shows gravitas with his swing on Le Marchent

Newbie Celia bears down unsuspecting tennis ball

BB comes as close to shoveling snow as his chronically apartment living ass has in years

A chronic grass bagger @bradfraser takes time to practice his swing, a hereto unseen element in lesser golf. Pelley in the background contemplates kicking a snowbank to save a stroke.

We wondered the compound political statement of a a car that simultaneously promoted Russian doll ducks and gay rights for cats.

Duffer rule in effect and in application motion

The “Duffer rule” (named after f_cking up something someone is doing and an ex-partner of a Founder) allows golfers to chase down their ball while it is still in motion and hit it again (once) without incurring another stroke.

Brad, being in constant violation of lesser golf's golden rule of "everybody sucks" was a good sport (and unlike the rest of us who move the ball when we think no one is looking) and always played it where it laid.

So all in all it was a great day and none of missed not catching any of the 12 hours of pre-game Super Bowl hype.  The company was good, the competition was non-existent (this is a good thing) and the people were fantastic.  Except for the small incident that we had to deal with it was one of the best Super Bowl Sundays I have had in years.



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