A Sunday Afternoon Game Before Heading to the Olympics

Thank you @bradfraser for the clip.

B.B. – “Yes thank you. I didn’t realize we were being video taped. But this video does make me smile as you hear our shear happiness in the game. BTW the Lesser Golfer teeing off is a founding member Andrew aka @oscarthegroucho aka Anonymous A”

So yesterday we got some pretty big press and as a result there were a lot of funny things going on here in Halifax related to urban golfing. I got stopped on the street as I walked to our meeting place to meet with the Lesser Crew by people who want to be involved.  I consider this to be super dope.  In addition to that the cops that we dealt with today (as per usual) mentioned that they had read the article, that they knew we had cleared it with the police and were happy to deal with us since they knew we had respect for them.  It is working out great.

Perhaps most amusing but exceedingly positive is the Nova Scotia Golf Association‘s (NSGA on Twitter), the governing body of Golf for our province,  Executive Director got a hold of us to “get involved” in Urban Golf.  I am going to meet with him early next month to see how we can work together… I can’t believe how this is all coming together…me and BB have some ideas on how to serve our community.

Just a heads up: if you contacted us via email and are reading this we haven’t had time to answer everyone yet but keep your shirt on we will get back to you.

Well today was another tremendous day on the concrete links of our city.   There was about 8 of us again (not bad considering much of the crew that we lost was hungover from a big night in Halifax and the fact that the Super Bowl, which seems to have taken over people’s minds for some reason, is on tonight) and the weather was mild hovering just under the point of freezing.

I am beginning to realize the serious advantages of daytime play.  It is mostly related to keeping the game going because it doesn’t take fifteen minutes to find your ball using a lighter.   It is also a lot warmer out and you creep a lot fewer people out: you are after all a crew of young people walking around with golf clubs.  Night is probably best when you are combining it with party activities but I think on weekends I am going to play during the day (especially now that the cops are hip to our game and cool with it).

Not all Sigma Chi's are snitches but the one's on South St. in Halifax should ask themselves "What would The Duke do?"

The only wackness we had to deal with were a couple of way-too-cool frat boys who took some time off from homoerotic paddling of each other and macking on underaged girls to phone the cops because I placed my jacket on one of their mom’s car while I took a shot.  I’m talking to you Sigma Chi on South St.

Guess what you Skull and Bones wannabes?

The cops know all about our game and they considered the call a waste of their time.  Way to serve the community good you dinks; grow up: no wonder you have to pay for friends… (Disclaimer:  to be fair, I am not hating on all frats or even all Sigs in that chapter but fuck the turds that are there now who act like idiots… you’re wasting people’s time).  p.s. – Where I come from “snitches and shit talkers need stitches and get walkers”.  Thanks for the friendly police officers who treated us in a respectful and professional manner.

But I digress.

The course we took this game brought us through the university districts of our town (straight across one campus to another campus; there are six in town so there is a lot of potential for us to be playing on campuses).  We had another grassbag gone urban tonight with Brad Fraser joining our ranks (he also provided the qik video above) ; he continually broke our “everybody sucks” rule with his incredible consistency and precision but what can you do?  Let the man play… he also has a photo project: 365 Project where he is taking a photo a day for 365 days in a row.

Warming up at Uncommon Grounds

Hot drinks, warm conversation and good people.

I continue to be impressed with the people I am meeting from playing this little game (which has replaced TV watching,video games and stress for me) our total numbers are in the 40’s(?) and there is at least one crew  I don’t know about on the streets in the deep south end. We have quite a crew of regulars that have been staying steadfast to the sport and newbies out every time so our numbers are swelling here in Halifax.  I am also a big fan of the friendships, comradry and professional collaborations that is growing out of it.  As mentioned we have a lot of people on the street who know what we are up to and are looking to join in, too… I’m hella stoked.

I will be hitnround with a lesser crew in Vancouver during the Olympics.

I am headed off to Vancouver for work and the Olympics and am bringing my clubs so I can hitround with locals crews out there over the course of the next month.  Hoping to do some Olympic venues but with as many snipers and people around I am guessing that it may not go super smooth… I am sure I will be able to golf in Seattle and Victoria though, and I plan to.  BB is going to keep blogging out of Halifax and I will report on this pilgrim’s progress from the Winter Olympics (the truth is I don’t really care much for the Olympics one way or the other but there are 160 free shows, the world is visiting and I am hanging out with some Swedes in partial hopes of meeting more Swedes…we all have our own Olympic dreams.

B.B. – “I feel I must add here that I am not a man who types a lot of words, I may have a lot to say but writing is not my forte. So my posts will be short and sweet, but with more pictures. And if Brad is on the concrete links with us video as well.  Have fun on your travels P. and swing low.”

Much love and Respect: P.


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