A Call for Donations of Clubs

We are suffering from a severe shortage of equipment and could use donations of old, unused clubs to keep the lesser golf ball rolling

Well, things are chugging along for our lesser golfing crew here (an others throughout the country), but there are signs we may be growing a bit too quickly.  In truth, we are becoming victims of our own success and it is manifesting itself in that we have more people than we can provide clubs for at the moment.

This having been said: if you are reading this and you can spare an old set of clubs (that you don’t mind donating) for a group of people enjoying the city and building community please contact us as: swinginghalifax@gmail.com

They will be loved, used and reused over and over by people who would really appreciate having them around.

Or, if you are a regular urban golfers it may be time to drop the $4.00 and hit your second hand store for some clubs.


Respect: P


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