Police Love, Reporter Converts and the Value of Urban Play


Chronicle-Herald reporter Jason "Scribbles" Teakle tees off between the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History and the urban equestrian club.

First things first: an update.  Last night’s dinner celebration was Vietnamese and the company was Polish and lovely.  The conversation was light and meandering.  The food was actually too light so I grabbed a sandwich and a coffee with Magic after as he worked on a movie script with GO!.  Magic made an adjustment change that I will talk about in a future blog.

Back on point: Later in the eve last night a product designer named Josh, the founder of an international non-profit called Say Condom (which promotes condom use) and a few of the Founders hitround in hella cold conditions which made me think that perhaps of acknowledging that when the ambient air temperature is below -20°C there should be closer consideration to whether or not we should be playing outside in groups bigger than four (four is a threshold that tends to slow down the movement of the group).  BB punked out at the cold whether.  I couldn’t believe it. 😉

It was a short one but Josh and Jay will be out again in full force this weekend.  Pics later.

I also recieved word from Cuts that his friends had started a crew in Saskatoon.  This would be no less than our 7th crew that has started in about 6 weeks since we started the blog.  Kudos to the Saskatooners; and thank you to Cuts.  who is making me more positive towards emos.  Before this all I wanted in my life emo was my lawn so it would cut itself.

Saskatoon: according to their tourism site: "good times are guaranteed." I could not find anything about refunds.

Today (Wednesday) was a busy one.  I spent the morning writing a discussion paper to help in the founding of a new civic think tank that addresses some of the challenges Halifax is facing in governance and civic engagement (this think tank is as yet unnamed) so I can be ready to meet with business commission leaders and experts tomorrow morning.  That was followed by compiling a database on Middle East clean tech with transfer potential.

Then my day got interesting.

I was contacted by Brian Palamatere (sp?) who is the Halifax Community Relations and Information Officer; who I had contacted yesterday to let him in on the game (as a gesture of professional courtesy).  He had admitted that he had taken the time to read our Blog and he felt that our approach “showed a lot of respect” and that he could see no reason, legal or other to stop us from playing.  He also said that because we were not using golf balls that there were no laws by which to stop us from playing golf in public places.  As long as they did not receive complaints that there was no reason we could not play our game in the streets or in public places… Victory!

In fact he shared with me that the reason he knew about the post golf ball laws was because in the past he had been asked to leave a park by the police when he tried to practice.  I am glad to see there is no favoritism.  I invited him out to join our crew and thanked him for his time.

Let it be known: Respect begets respect.  I was well contented by this.

Tuesday, I had been contacted by Jason Teakle, a reporter from The Chronicle-Herald, the largest regional daily newspaper who wanted to do an interview about lesser golf.  I returned his call and he simply said “I have a proposal for you: you should take me urban golfing this afternoon…” In poor fashion I agreed to go without letting him finish.  So my afternoon today consisted of a 45 minute interview on the street and two hours of hitnround and talking about urban golf.  He admitted that he didn’t want to write the article without having played.  He also let me in that Editor and the staff thought it was “super cool” and many of them planned wanted to try.  Wicked.

The interview, unlike some of the others I have done, focused more on the community building and philosophical undertones of the golden rules.  Much of our conversation talked about the necessity of urban play as a mechanism for adjusting attitudes of how we saw the city.  He was a good guy who will be headed to Toronto and will be hitnround with the crews out there.

The main revelation that I got from this (and I am pretty easy going with reporters) is the need for a greater focus on urban play: on fun ways of using your city, your space and your time.  You live in a concrete jungle…start swinging from the branches…

So from here on in I will be focusing on urban play in general.  Please contact us if you have an interesting style or tail of urban play, want to organize something or have pics to post.  Please feel to contact us via twitter (@hfxurbangolf); email <swinginghalifax@gmail.com> or by posting to this blog <hfxurbangolf.wordpress.com>.

Here is a fine example of urban play from France; a bit over the top but undeniably fun.

Time to finish up that discussion paper.

Respect: P.


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