1000 Hits in the Last Week

The fact that this sneaker pimp has 1000 pairs of Air Force 1's really cheapens our accomplishment and I shouldn't draw attention to it...

Some how after only a few weeks on the go, poor writing, inconsistent posting in a small market we got over 1000 hits to our urban golf sites (GHLG and HFX Urban Golf) in the last week.  Quite silly really.  We obviously have a lot of people who love cities which is good because Halifax is for lovers.

This also tells me that a bunch of people we don’t know and who not play urban golf should be hitting us up to play (i.e. get off your ass and contact us).

I want to send big ups to our sister crews in Halifax (I’ve been told that there was a crew hitnround last night that I had no knowledge of… word our baby is walking), Dartmouth, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and London, UK.

I am off to talk to the cops about our little game and give them the heads up… I will drop a line later on how that went.

In celebration of our accomplishment I am going to go treat myself and the prettiest girl I can find, who I have never met (As the reporter Coast reporter said “Halifax is a horrible place to break up but a great place to be single”…), and then go golfing with the Lesser Golfers.

Keep the hits coming.

Much love and Respect: P.


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