These Moments in Heaven

Just a short post as I have a hella crazy day ahead of me.

Well, last night was another great night for us.  We hitround in a group of about 9 or 10 which included a photographer and a fly interviewer from The Coast, Halifax’s top twitterer (@laurenoostveen), a couple of really well dressed cats (Andrew and Chris), a few designer types (@gravista among them), Dan “The Risk” Mattison, Seb “Magic” Harder and the core cabal of BB and me.  It was the largest single group we have had out and it worked out well.  People caught on pretty quickly to the play, the 3 rules and the rest.

I got to see a diversity of strategies and lots of new friends.

The Coast article should be out on Thursday.  We have decided that the people who have golfed with us before the Coast article will get a “founders” designation to duly reflect their early adapter status.  BB and me are staying straight OG.

In terms of last nights game play: we lost no balls, the streets were wide, well-lit and car free… it was super sweet.  We had one run in with a irate neighbour who looked out his window and thought we were with a party of yelpy first year girls who were in fact just cheering us on.  His taunt of : “It’s really nice of you guys to break stuff” made us openly laugh.  We pointed out that we were playing with tennis balls.  He countered that we were being noisy we pointed out that a) it wasn’t us (the aforementioned adoring squawk boxes and b) it was about 9 pm and well within noise law limits.  He was not happy but did yeild to the facts.  Thanks neighbour (honestly).

At the end of it all I am pretty sure that we have a tonne of new converts.  I wish I could convey to people just how amazingly fun this game is.

I had been in a bit of a funk when I first took up this game but people have been saying to me on the street that I am visibly happier and my productivity has gone way, way up.  I think that kicking around outside for 3 hours a day of fresh air and laughing non-stop will do that.  In fact, RR (who is in fact BBR’s girlfriend) said to BB that “Pelley seems really happy”.  BB simply replied: “Of course, he’s golfing.”

It has been said that the time spent doing what you love is not subtracted from your life on earth because during those few hours and days you are already in heaven.  While I wouldn’t say this is heaven exactly it is sure is a hell of a lot of fun and I do enjoy it with unbound enthusiasm.

Today I have an interview CKDU (we have been pitched to CBC) about this little game of ours.  We are finishing up with the Coast tomorrow.  It’s Friday: no golf because of a tonne of snow and a tonne of parties.  Word.

I will post pics of last nights game as some point this weekend.  I got to go live life for another day.

Much love to friends new and old.

Peace: P


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