World Urban Golf Day: Halifax Tourney?

Video: Fly French girl talks about World Urban Golf day…

Someone suggested to me right now via email that we put together an local tourney for world urban golf day (September 12-ish)? What say you rabble?

I am into it but don’t really feel like organizing (got another event during that time and I’ll be hitnround that day anyway…) however I am happy to give support in the form of a Blog to read and general remote, moral support.

Pretty happy (read: surprised) that this lesser golf thing is taking on a life of it own…keep it coming.


5 Responses to “World Urban Golf Day: Halifax Tourney?”

  1. It is catching on man. Urban golf is like an unstoppable juggernaut on a blitzkreig rampage but it’s a rampage in a nice way. A rampage of re-imagining. It rampages your expectations.

  2. Yeah. We at GHLG are pretty stoked about the whole situation. Gotta love the fax.

  3. Swinga Swing Says:

    I’m in. You have my email. Please contact me. I have some experience organizing.

  4. Would it be for shits and giggles, for charity?

  5. @SS Will do. I am not sure what the deal is right now but I will get at you soon.

    @Jacob… I am sure it will be for shits and giggles not matter what form it takes. If I am involved it will have to be for something for the community maybe for urban beautification… tough to say. I have had a few people come to me with ideas already.

    Then again it might just be an urban golf mob doing our ting ting.

    I am afraid to have this transform from a duffer sport into something I have to care about…

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