Urban Golf from the GodFathers of the Past-Time

I think this movie from urbangolf.org really captures the urban golf past-time: super chilled out, lots of different places you probably wouldn’t normally be finding yourself (hitting balls of rooftops; finding dumpsters full of uncooked dough, fitting a Dumpster and a rat for possession of your ball, the fear of finding a dead cat), and tonnes of people shooting the shit and having fun.

They are keeping score (as seen when they are talking about how many points for a lost ball) which is something that BB and I have done once and probably will again as it adds a bit of nice tension to the game like betting quarters in poker with your friends.

Anyway, no preaching this week.  But please enjoy the video as these guys are the ones we have basically shaped Lesser Golf’s rules around.

Respect: P

Follow the link:



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