Swing Low (Countries)

I am happy at the crazy response that we have gotten for our urban golfing efforts thus far.  We really started keeping the Blog maintained three days ago and somehow we ended up with over 300 hits yesterday.   We are pretty stoked about the whole situation (especially since we really have put no effort into this end of the game) and a hell of a lot more on the actual going out, making sure that we had suitable beverages and talking the game up.

We are however, just one of many, many groups doing this around the world.  Since we can’t golf today (mainly since we all have jobs) I am going to post a video of what this group called the UGU (Urban Golf Unit) is doing in the Netherlands.

The first video is just a kinda scenic view of what they do.  They use golf balls and do things like hitting it into lakes which is cool I guess but not our style.  I do dig the golfing off of the top of McDonald’s though and am wondering about the potential for doing that in the future.  I am mostly posting this one because it’s got a good groove, yo.

These dudes look like they have lots of street cred and some pull with local officials because in this one they are golfing in the Olympic Stadium.

I like the cut of their gibb for sure, it looks like they are doing well as a crew and they have mad sponsors.  It is definitely urban golf, but not necessarily lesser golf.

Finally, here is a trailer for the UGU in and of itself with some nice shots…and a girl (finally) as I feel like there aren’t enough ladies playing.  In our experience thus far the ladies have been integral to the evening in terms of the group dynamic.

My only critique of this golf, is they don’t seem to actually be going places and golfing through them… I’m not fronting though.

Golfers know: Different strokes for different folks.

Respect: P


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