Friday Night Swingers…

So R. came back with some shots of our night on the course the other evening that are pretty fun.   We golfed for about 4 hours so there was probably a tonne of shots; here are a good selection of them.


BB's second approach shot on the first fairway.

As you can see from this shot that in these conditions it is best to keep your eye on the ball and mark it right after you hit it.  You can lose your ball in dips in the snow pretty easy.  Also, it is best to be mindful of dogs on the course they tend to want to pick up your ball and run with it.

This is after the second hole by the nursing home for nuns by Quinpool. The girl standing on one leg was Chantelle, she was walking by and ended up golfing with us for quite a while.

Key to the proper playing of the game is chilling.  Many people asked us the following questions 1) what the hell are you doing? Obviously we are golfing.  2) What are you shooting at? Usually we figure it out on the way.  Mostly we hit in a direction that looks fun and towards landmarks first then pear it down as we go (e.g. Let’s hit south–>let’s hit towards the hospital –>let’s hit towards the hospital sign for the hole).  3) Whose winning? Since we haven’t really been keeping score we always say that we are all tied at 2 under par.

Long story short this game has almost nothing to do with the actual competition as much as it has to do with hanging out and as a great alternative to whatever else you normally do on a Friday night.

RR and C.Candy chill out on Vernon St probably discussing the verbal abuse we just recieved from a drunk driver who was REALLY into the idea of us golfing down the street in front of his car.

We ended up meeting a lot of people over the course of the night from the polite and smiley art school dreadlocks in the park, to professionals who stopped to chat and take some swing.  Lots of people watching for a few hits, house parties and people shouting out windows at us… it was a super unusual night but one that really make me feel connected to my community in a quirky sort of way.

We are headed down the 4th hole towards the hospital on Cherry.

Taking some time off at the 5th tee which was the top level of a parking garage.  The 5th hole is the “mini-golf” level as it is just a shot all around the top of parking garage.  We got some beef when we were hittinround down through the parking garage to the tune of 6 (abusive but not very rational or prepared) Commissionaries and a bunch of cop cars.  They started out by admitting they never saw us hit a ball and that it wasn’t a crime to have golf clubs or tennis balls.  It cut into their ability to reason with us and instead went to chest thumping and flexing.  We of course followed our own rules, showed respect and left, but not without joking with them at their expense.

Chilling 5 floors up looking over the city.

The 5th hole is as good as it gets. We could overlook much of the city; scan the skyline and stop and talk and hit around without any worries. We suggest (now) against golfing down through the parking garage: It makes you a major heat score.

Ms. C.B. joined us at random on the course. She was converted and will be swinging with us in the near future...

RR driving hard on the 1st Hole in the Commons

R hits with a club that appears to be made of rubber or something. He was a very consistent swinger, by the 4th hole we was goinaff.

As you can see we have to regulate our pace to accommodate pedestrians like the girls on the bike behind BB. I believe they complimented him on his clubs. Girl pushing bike: please come play sometime.

Well we have a few more pics but these captured a small slice of the night’s happenings.  More next time we golf.



2 Responses to “Friday Night Swingers…”

  1. Yo guys. I got the pics up but am having formatting issues which I will work out tonight… good times my friends.

  2. I want our team name to be “Friday Night Swingers”!! Great job on the blog, Paul. It was great to meet you, o mysterious one.


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