New Places, Faces and Spaces

Last night I learned a lot about my city.  I also learned a lot about the way you engage a community.  Organically yes; but also dynamically.  It does not happen in contrived groups.  It happens in the flow of life, warm as the shine of a situation, soft as a settling Guinness or sometimes like the klaxon’s burst over the ambient mechanical gutturals of a city.  It can’t be rushed; it can’t be pulled out of people in consultation or focus groups.

During our play, with no effort on our part. We picked up a tonne of randoms (more properly C.Candy picked them up): a Miss Blais (pronounced: Blaze) who ditched her friends and a house party to golf with us for a few holes, tonnes of hella cute girls (hello bike girl…are you out there?), Aela from Pictou who after a bar stop we laid out a course down the streets of town, Ross the lawyer who took half an hour to come hit balls with us at the end of the night.  All in all things worked out magnificently.  Dozens of people asked about the game and we encouraged them to do it themselves…some of these cats will be coming with us during our next game.  Except the drunk driver guy who stopped in an intersection to peer pressure us to hit the balls up the street while a half dozen cabbies lost their shit behind him.

I doubt I would have connected with these people any other way (except Ross, I have partied with him before but he engaged us by shouting at us over a fence from 150ft away so I didn’t know who it was) but as we got to know them we realized that we have tonnes of friends in common.  Everyone loved it, and man was it fun.  Best laughs in months.

I found the people really appreciated the fact we were doing this sort of thing and we got to explore places we had never seen in our city and got to examine the changing urban landscape that happens when you get wet snow and happy people: igloos, snow sculptures, subtle guerrilla art features hidden in the most random places and hidden spaces that open up to you when you go looking for a stray ball.

Long story short, I got a lot of insight about what people felt about our city just by walking through it.  I wouldn’t trade this engagement for anything.

In closing; from our response and the people who have caught on already: I think we are on to something.

See you on the links.  But don’t wait for us grab some clubs, grab some friends.  Drop us a line if you want to join.

Respect: P


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