Lesser Challenges; Better Nights

After weeks of shite weather and the annual Christmas interference period the GHLG team is hitting the links again tonight; this time is a proper party of more swingers: in lesser, less is more is less more. Word.

I am impressed with how quick and easy it was to organize tonight’s sojourn with the help of our twitter account (in addition to us talking it up like crazy of the past few weeks).

So from my experience the challenges to actually getting people out to golfing have been the following concerns:

1) Lesser golf is not a real sport.

Response: You’re right, it is not.

Sports have an undertone of competitiveness (and I am a super competitive person in life but I check that shit at the door for Lesser Golf).  You won’t find it here.  So in that respect Urban Golf is not really a “sport” so to speak.  Even baseball is just a “pass-time”.  Urban Golf is more like an “actioned” hangout.  I am not sure why this is a problem as almost everyone I know has played some version of this sport just spontaneously.

So no it is not a real sport…

2)  What about the cops?

Response: So far so good; this game is built on respect.

The issues here are two: 1) that we are hitting projectiles through an urban area; and 2) we are gang of people walking the streets at night with clubs.

To the first concern: we are using tennis balls which unless you are shooting them out of a potato cannon are pretty much harmless as any grade six road hockey junkie can tell you.  The way we see it is if you are going to ask us to stop hitting tennis balls around on the street you are going to have to get said road hockey kids off the street too.  That isn’t going to happen in Canada.  If you’re not from Canada adjust yours balls to suit the appropriate legal or cultural loophole.

Next, if the 5-0 do have beef about a bunch of people walking through the city with clubs: so what? We’re all adults (since it is based off of age and not off of behaviour in this case) and we aren’t doing anything criminal.  All of the signage in our city related to golfing says “No Hitting Golf Balls”, which we are not.

If an Officer says we have the potential to commit crimes because we are armed with the proper equipment to do so then I would (tongue in cheek) respond that then he should put BB under arrest for sexual assault because he is armedwith the right equipment to commit such a crime.  (Not that he ever would because he is a sweetheart).

But seriously, as our rules say: RESPECT.  If police ask you to move on then YOU MOVE ON.

3) Seriously Urban Golf?

Response: Hell yeah.

I already had some great nights playing this game and we are only getting started.  We got friends, we got treats, and drinks to keep us warm and we got a city we love.

We all suck.  We got Respect. We got no illusions of making the big leagues.  Let’s come out swinging.

See you all tonight (or in the near future).



2 Responses to “Lesser Challenges; Better Nights”

  1. Dudes, you are tapping into an underground world. First, you have to check out the almostGolf ball. It doesn’t break windows or dent cars. Then get some pocket shags and you can play anywhere. In fact, myself and several other guys around the country who have been using the almostGolf ball for years are launching the 2010 Off-Course Golfers Tour where we take field paint and paint courses through colleges, high schools, parks and church property. It’s mostly for charity and we also are manufacturing inflatables to spruce up the course. Come over to http://www.offcoursegolf.net and sign up. Urbangolf is a now possible thanks to this new ball. Remember, we are now legally illegal. Join the evolution of golf.

  2. Hey Robert,

    I appreciate the insight on your site and commend you on your philanthropic activities. It looks like you are using urban golf as a good tool for community progress. Good for you.

    However our philosophy is less is more; with a permaculture undertone. We use old tennis balls because 1) they don’t break anything; 2) it levels the playing field (the goal is kinda that everybody sucks so we walk together); 3) they are kicking around aren’t usually bought new so they don’t contribute to waste, resource, energy or emission issues; 4) it gives us good political leverage with cops since we can draw on the street hockey parallel (gets us laughs and keeps us out of sticky troubles).

    We don’t set out formal courses because we want to love our city as is, and really see it through different eyes. Plus we do our best to keep it low stress, low effort, and low problems.

    We have thought about using urban golf for something, mostly showcasing our city to the people who live here. But I will keep your format in mind if we need to make money for a charity.

    Respect: P

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