Well it is the last Friday before everyone gets done work for the most part in December.  It was silly cold. But we played our first winter round. It came with many challenges but also showed us a side of Halifax that remains secret much of the time so the trade-off of cold for insight into what happens in the silent city was a fair one.

After a quick shot to the NSLC on Quinpool we decided to start there rather than behind Propeller.  When we entered we ran into a worker was talking to a couple of guys with a banjo the strange stuff we had seen that day.

After leaving we started our first round by enjoying a driving range atmosphere behind the Old St. Patricks High School; I believe it continues to be a continued learning centre but is in dire need of some gussying up.  With every shot came sparks when hit of even wet asphalt.  After spending about 15 minutes finding our stroke we hit the links.

From there we tee’d off accross Windsor and down toward the Commons via the street at the far end of the small park where the Willow Tree used to stand. From there the fist hole was completed (the last tree on the right) in 5 strokes.

The best strategy is definitely try and keep to the streets, the ball rolls well and if you keep it low you can really extend your shots.  The game lasted about 2 hours and I will be giving a better recap tomorrow with some pics and a few odd stories.

I will say the general reaction was very positive.  We had spectators for bits and pieces lots of interest and lots of props from passer-bys.  Good times.

Peace: P


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