It's Halifax… It Could be Sunny by Tee-Time

Well this is perfect… I mean it.  The first day that we are headed out on the town (proper) to do a 9-hole round is today and despite the fact it wasn’t supposed to snow it did yesterday.  No worries.  This is Halifax, it could hail, snow, sun and rain fish before this afternoon.

The plan is to kick it along behind Propeller Brewery and the Paragon to start (North), then West to the Commons, south past the skate park, diagonal over the hill a then through a bunch of underused spaces, some parking garages, along the waterfront through the Pit, down Terminal to Garrison.  No idea how long this will take… figure on a few hours at least.  There will be beer breaks at some of Halifax’s finest establishments (or whatever’s handy) and a case at the end.

If our goal is to see the city this is a great way to do it.  During the snow when most people maybe don’t take the time.   It’s a shame; there is still a novel element to winter and the snow is still sort of white.  It will go hard and grey soon.

We will be taking pics this afternoon and evening.  Check back later for whatever comes out of certainly an eventful night.

For those who DM us on twitter: We are certain that this is not illegal since we aren’t using golf balls.  If they are gonna stop us they are going to have to stop every dog walker and street hockey player in the city…

If anyone wants to know more our email is:



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