First Night on the Links

We have laid out first course for this Friday.  We’ve tracked down some old clubs (word up to DRuss) and are ready to roll (See our Equipment tab for suggested gear).  By map I mean that we have made a general path we are going to fit around 9 holes on it.  We have not taken the time to mark what we are going to hit or the paths just a general way we plan on walking that we 1)think would be fun to walk; 2) is away from stuff we could break including people; 3) has neat obstacles for us to golf around and over.  We figure any more than that and the rules might get in the way.  We are going to take advantage of score cards only for figuring out what is a decent amount of shots if for some reason we one day want to set out a par system or if anybody asks.

Halifax, in NS, Canada is an extremely steep city with a fortress on a hill at its urban core.  It is reasonably dense in the core with lots of connected greenspace…but it may snow between now and then but if it does it will probably melt there after.  No matter.  This show must go on.

We have tracked 2 sets of clubs for 4-6 people.  This is a start; so we can probably get away with 2 set really for this time since I think there will be a lot of slow enjoyment of a Friday afternoon and the finesse needed to require a difference in club angle is just not there.  I doubt there will be much difference between hitting with a 9 iron or a piece of driftwood.

Around us I expect the world will be frenzied with Christmas shopping while we are going to be swinging clubs and in the afternoon and chilling at night.

I got a lot of love for this game.  I was been chipping around my neighbourhood today.  Had some volunteers take some swings with me and they thought it was the bees knees and will be looking to play.  Hope they do.

If anyone want so join us (we have no fixed schedule) leave a comment and we will get back to you.

Peace: P


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